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DISH Hopper + Amazon Alexa. Even Better Together.

Hands-free TV for everyone. With Amazon Alexa, you can control your Hopper® Smart DVR with just your voice. It's just another way DISH is Tuned In To You™.

Amazon Echo Dot getting command to play Fixer Upper on HGTV


Don't watch? Don't pay.

DISH introduces the Flex Pack™, where viewers can create their own TV package based on what they love to watch — with the ability to add and drop Channel Packs any time they want.

Say goodbye to TV conflicts.

DISH unveils Hopper 3 Smart DVR with 4K-compatibility, and the ability to record up to 16 shows at once. TV lovers get the most advanced DVR ever to record all their shows, binge-watch freely and have more recording space than ever before.


No more bill increases.

The 2-Year TV Price Guarantee is launched, giving viewers the same price on their TV package for 24-months of worry-free TV.


No more switching remotes.

DISH becomes the first pay-TV provider to integrate Netflix into its Hopper, letting people access their favorite Netflix shows and movies easier than ever.

Hopper with Sling receiver showing Netflix app


TV goes wireless.

The Wireless Joey debuts, making unsightly TV cords and wires a thing of the past. Viewers can now put their TVs anywhere there is a power outlet.


Commercial-free whole-home entertainment.

DISH introduces AutoHop® and the Hopper® and Joey® whole-home HD DVR system. With the AutoHop feature, viewers get commercial-free TV by skipping commercials faster, while the Hopper and Joey give TV lovers the ability to watch their recorded shows in HD in any room.

DISH Hopper receiver and Joey units


Live TV. Anytime. Anywhere.

DISH Anywhere is born, giving viewers 100% of their live and recorded entertainment on the go.

DISH Anywhere app on iPhone


TV in any room.

DISH introduces the DISH Player-DVR 942, the first multi-room satellite TV receiver that records in high definition¹, to give families everywhere the ability to watch TV in whichever room they want.

¹ HD in one room only


Never miss a show.

The DVR is born. DISH introduces the DishPVR 501 satellite-TV receiver, a new and improved personal video recorder, and changes the way people record and watch TV forever.

DISH PVR 501 receiver


Echo I brings satellite TV to all.

The Echo I satellite launches and provides TV for Americans all across the country.

Rocket lifting off above plume of flame

1980 - 1994

Where it all started.

Three people – Charlie Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco – were hauling an enormous C-band TV dish antenna via pickup truck to a customer in remote Colorado. In the early 1980s this was one of only two dish antennas owned by the developing new business. A powerful gust of wind whipped up, blowing the antenna off its trailer and into a roadside ditch. There goes half of the company.

Summed up as a bad day in the infancy of DISH, the founding trio overcame this setback to build what is now a Fortune 250 company that employs thousands and serves millions throughout the nation – a seemingly unlikely future on that blustery day.

DISH founder Charlie Ergen inspecting large satellite dish

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