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Glenn Howerton stars in A.P. Bio on N.B.C.

A.P. Bio

Thursdays at 8pm ET

A former philosophy professor who takes a job teaching A.P. biology uses his students to get back at the people in his life who have wronged him.

Basketball falling through net

College Basketball Tournament

March 17 - April 8

Watching college basketball has never been easier. With DISH, you can catch every game, follow your favorite team, and track your bracket throughout the tournament.

i Heart Radio Music Awards

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Special event 3/14 at 8pm ET

Now in its sixth year, the iHeartRadio Music Awards is a star-studded event celebrating the most-played artists and songs on iHeartRadio stations and app throughout 2018.

Cast of TLC's Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces

Returns 3/16 at 8pm ET

Two teams, two days, $1000. Each with the help of a professional designer and carpenter, this show pits neighbor against neighbor in a race to redecorate a room in each-other's homes. Can a friendship survive this weekend?

What's hot this month

What's on in March

Featured content in March 2019 includes Real Housewives of New York City, Billions, and Empire.

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American Masters: Holly Near:Singing for Our Lives

9:00pm ET on PBS

Animal Cribs

9:00pm ET on Animal Planet (channel 184)

The Killer Downstairs

8:00pm ET on Lifetime (channel 108)

Heart of Darkness

9:00pm ET on ID (channel 192)

American Idol

8:00pm ET on ABC

Family Food Showdown

8:00pm ET on Food Network (channel 110)

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

9:00pm ET on FOX

The Bush Years: Family, Duty Power

9:00pm ET on CNN (channel 200)

Alaskan Bush People

10:00pm ET on Discovery (channel 182)

Bar Rescue

10:00pm ET on Paramount (channel 241)

Good Girls

10:00pm ET on NBC

Very Cavallari

10:00pm ET on E! (channel 114)


11:00pm ET on E! (channel 114)

America's Hidden Stories

8:00pm ET on Smithsonian (channel 367)

Summer House

10:00pm ET on Bravo (channel 129)

Garage Rehab

8:00pm ET on Discovery (channel 182)

Deadly Recall

10:00pm ET on ID (channel 192)

The Real Housewives of NYC

9:00pm ET on Bravo (channel 129)

In Pursuit With John Walsh

10:00pm ET on ID (channel 192)

A.P. Bio

8:30pm ET on NBC

Station 19

9:00pm ET on ABC

For the People

10:00pm ET on ABC

Gold Rush

9:00pm ET on Discovery (channel 182)

VH1 Trailblazer Honors

9:00pm ET on VH1 (channel 162)

Alaskan Bush People

9:00pm ET on Discovery (channel 182)

Drag Me Down the Aisle

9:00pm ET on TLC (channel 183)

Aretha! A Grammy Celebration for the Queen of Soul

9:00pm ET on CBS

Buddy vs. Duff

9:00pm ET on Food Network (channel 110)

Epic Yellowstone

9:00pm ET on Smithsonian (channel 367)

Married to Medicine Los Angeles

9:00pm ET on Bravo (channel 129)

Now Apocalypse

9:00pm ET on Starz (channel 340)

Tricky Dick

9:00pm ET on CNN (channel 200)

Biography: John & Tokyo: Above Us Only Sky

9:00pm ET on A&E (channel 118)


10:00pm ET on EPIX (channel 380)

MasterChef Junior

8:00pm ET on FOX

Videos After Dark

10:00pm ET on ABC


8:00pm ET on FOX


9:00pm ET on FOX

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

8:00pm ET on FOX

Project Runway

8:00pm ET on Bravo (channel 129)


10:00pm ET on WE (channel 128)

I Am Richard Prior

10:00pm ET on Paramount (channel 241)

Trading Spaces

8:00pm ET on TLC (channel 183)

Murder Made Me Famous

9:00pm ET on Reelz (channel 299)

While You Were Out

9:00pm ET on TLC / HGTV (channel 183/112)


10:00pm ET on Reelz (channel 299)


9:00pm ET on Showtime (channel 318)


9:00pm ET on FOX

Spring Baking Championship

9:00pm ET on Food Network (channel 110)

The Fix

10:00pm ET on ABC

Mental Samurai

9:00pm ET on FOX

Restored by the Fords

9:00pm ET on HGTV (channel 112)

The Village

10:00pm ET on NBC

The Jim Jefferies Show

10:30pm ET on Comedy Central (channel 107)

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

8:00pm ET on Freeform (channel 180)

Property Brothers

8:00pm ET on HGTV (channel 112)


7:00pm ET on Food Network (channel 110)

Kindred Spirits

10:00pm ET on ID (channel 192)

Hunt for the Giant Squid

10:00pm ET on NatGeo Wild (channel 190)

The Atlanta Child Murders

9:00pm ET on Discovery (channel 182)

Into the Badlands

10:00pm ET on AMC (channel 131)

Mission Declassified

10:00pm ET on Travel (channel 196)

Jesus: His Life

8:00pm ET on History (channel 120)

Women, War & Peace II

9:00pm ET on PBS


10:00pm ET on History (channel 120)

Windy City Rehab

8:00pm ET on HGTV (channel 112)

Legendary Locations

10:00pm ET on Travel (channel 196)

Jane the Virgin

9:00pm ET on CW

Million Dollar Mile

9:00pm ET on CBS


10:00pm ET on SyFy (channel 122)


9:30pm ET on NBC

Impractical Jokers

10:00pm ET on TruTV (channel 242)

Tacoma FD

10:30pm ET on TruTV (channel 242)

Cake Wars

5:00pm ET on Cooking (channel 113)

My Lottery Dream Home

8:00pm ET on HGTV (channel 112)

Animal ER Live

9:00pm ET on NatGeo Wild (channel 190)

Call the Midwife

8:00pm ET on PBS

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

9:00pm ET on E! (channel 114)

Mrs. Wilson

9:00pm ET on PBS

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