Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection, focusing on making it impossible to steal content in the first place. All pay TV providers, including DISH, are required to apply protection like limited recording or high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) to select content.

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protections (HDCP)

HDCP is a form of digital copy protection developed to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections.

In order to watch DRM-affected programming, you must have HDCP-compatible equipment. (TVs older than 2006, certain HDMI cables, and other components connected between the receiver and TV may not be compatible).

If you have used Hopper Transfers, you may only transfer a DRM-protected recording once (examples would be HopperGO and External Hard Drive transfers).

Channel Name Call Letters Channel Number
Bravo BRAVO 129
Chiller CHILR 199
Disney Channel DISE 172
Disney Channel - West DISW 173
Disney Jr. DISJR 168
Disney XD DISXD 174
ESPN Deportes ESPND 147, 854
Flix FLIX 333
Freeform FRFM 180
Fusion FUSN 244
Longhorn Network LHN 407
SEC SEC 408/404-1
Showtime SHO-E 318
Showtime Beyond SBYND 323
Showtime Extreme SHOEX 322
Showtime Showcase SHOCS 321
Showtime Too SHOTO 320
Showtime - West SHO-W 319
Sirius XM SXM02 - SXM96 6002 - 6096
99-2 - 99-96
Syfy Channel SYFY 122
Telemundo TMNDO 835
The Movie Channel TMC-E 327
The Movie Channel - West TMC-W 329
The Movie Channel Xtra TMCXE 328
The Movie Channel Xtra - West TMCXW 330
USA Network USA 105

This message will display when you attempt to view DRM-protected programming without compatible equipment.

On-screen alert: receiver has detected the TV does not support HDCP

Limited Recording (Limited Playback)

This function limits the time you can watch or save an On Demand movie or Pay-Per-View event on your DVR.

Once the On Demand movie or Pay-Per-View event playback is started, you have 24 hours before it expires. When events are recorded (but you haven't started watching yet), they can be saved for a limited amount of time – usually three to six months.

This message will display when you attempt to view an expired event.

On-screen alert: This event has expired and is no longer available to view

Disabled Recording

This is when On Demand movies or Pay-Per-View events cannot be saved for later viewing, or when attempting to record SiriusXM programming.

"No Recording" will display in yellow on the order and confirmation screens.

On-screen alert: order confirmation showing No Recording

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