40.0 Remote Control

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40.0 Remote

Cool Features

Remote Finder

Can't find your remote? Don't panic! Simply press the Locate Remote button on the front panel of your receiver.

Limited Mode

Prevent navigating to the wrong input for watching DISH programming on your TV by enabling Limited Mode.


This helpful feature allows you to turn on your receiver and TV, as well as tune to the correct input all with a single button! See how to enable HDMI-CEC.

Customizable Remote Commands

If you can't find a code that will allow your DISH remote to control your device, or if commands are not working as expected, you can teach your remote commands.

Top Questions

Why won't my remote change the volume on my TV?

Your remote may not be programmed to control functions on your TV. Check out these step-by-step instructions to pair your remote to your TV or another device.

Why won't my remote work with my DISH receiver?

Often, this problem is due to dead batteries, or a remote or receiver error. Follow these steps to resolve your remote control issue.

What type of batteries does my remote take?

Your remote takes four AAA batteries.

Want to Know More?

Visit our remote control how-to pages for step-by-step instructions for programming your remote, tuning to the correct channel/input for watching DISH programming, and more!

Check out the 40.0 remote control setup guide for additional information on your remote. Reference Important Product Information for your remote.

Need assistance with your receiver? Look to the receiver support pages for helpful info.

Troubleshoot issues with your equipment online.

SAT mode button TV mode button DVD mode button Auxiliary mode button Menu button Input/Pair button Power button TV Power button Page Up button Page Down button Mute button Volume Down button Volume Up button Guide button Left arrow button Right arrow button Up arrow button Down arrow button Select button Recall button Info button Search button View Live TV button Cancel button Red button Green button Yellow button Blue button Skip Back button DVR button Skip Forward button Rewind button Pause button Fast Forward button Stop button Record button Play button Number Pad button Number Pad button Format button Pound button Swap button Picture in Picture button Position button Dish button


SAT Button

  • Put in SAT mode (if pressed one time)
  • Perform SAT Auto Tune function (if enabled)

TV Button

  • Put in TV mode

AUX Button

  • Put in Auxiliary mode

DVD Button

  • Put in DVD mode

Menu Button

  • Display Main Menu (if pressed one time)
  • Display System Info (if pressed two times)

Pair/Input Button

  • Cycle through TV inputs
  • Pair remote to receiver (if on System Info)

Power Button

  • Cycle receiver power on/off

TV Power Button

  • Cycle TV power on/off

Page Up Button

  • Page up

Page Down Button

  • Page down

Mute Button

  • Cycles sound on/off

Volume - Button

  • Decrease sound

Volume + Button

  • Increase sound

Guide Button

  • Display EPG (if pressed one time)
  • Cycle through favorites lists (if pressed two times)

Left/Themes Button

  • Left one (if pressed one time)
  • Displays Themes menu (if on live TV)

Select Button

  • Select highlighted option (if pressed one time)
  • Display Info Banner (if on live TV)

Up Button

  • Up one

Right/Browse Button

  • Right one (if pressed one time)
  • Display Browse Banner (if on live TV)

Down Button

  • Down one

Recall Button

  • Display last channel

Info Button

  • Display program info

View Live TV Button

  • Display live TV (if pressed one time)
  • Display Program Banner (if on live TV)

Cancel Button

  • Cancel on screen menu/pop-up

Red Color Button

  • Access TV Viewing Options (if pressed while on live TV)
  • Access DVR Recording Options (if pressed while on the Recordings menu)
  • Access Guide Options (if pressed while on the Guide)
  • Access Trending Now Options (if pressed while on Trending Now)
  • Access On Demand Options (if pressed while on the On Demand menu)

Green Color Button

  • Cycle Closed Captioning On/Off (if on live TV)
  • Share post (if in Social App)
  • Sort Folders (if on My Recordings or PrimeTime Anytime)
  • Filter What's Hot by Local and National (if on What's Hot)
  • Access System Info (if on Settings Menu)

Yellow Color Button

  • Access Settings (if on Main Menu)
  • Sort Recordings (if on My Recordings or PrimeTime Anytime)
  • Sort Recordings (if on the Recordings Menu)
  • Sort What's Hot by Time (if on What's Hot)
  • Access Point Dish (if on Settings Menu)

Blue Color Button

  • Access Apps Banner (if on live TV)
  • Minimize Apps Menu to Apps Bannner (if on Apps Menu)
  • Minimize App (if in an applicable app)
  • Delete selected event (if on My Recordings or PrimeTime Anytime)
  • Delete/Move a selected event to Trash (if on the Recordings Menu)
  • Access Network Setup (if on Settings Menu)

Skip Back Button

  • Skip back 10 seconds (if pressed one time)
  • Skip back 10 frames (if paused)
  • Skip back 4 hours (if on Guide)
  • Navigate through tabs (if on an applicable menu)

DVR Button

  • Display DISH On Demand Menu (if pressed one time)
  • Display My Recordings (if pressed two times)
  • Display Daily Schedule (if pressed three times)

Skip FWD Button

  • Skip forward 30 seconds (if pressed one time)
  • Skip forward 10 frames (if paused)
  • Skip forward 4 hours (if on Guide)
  • Navigate through tabs (if on an applicable menu)

Back Button

  • Rewind speed to 15x (if pressed one time)
  • Rewind speed to 60x (if pressed two times)
  • Rewind speed to 300x (if pressed three times)
  • Decrease fast forward speed (if fast forwarding)
  • Rewind speed to 1/4 (if pressed while paused)
  • Back 24 hours (if on Guide)

Pause Button

  • Pause program

FWD Button

  • Fast forward speed to 15x (if pressed one time)
  • Fast forward speed to 60x (if pressed two times)
  • Fast forward speed to 300x (if pressed three times)
  • Decrease rewind speed (if rewinding)
  • Forward 24 hours (if on Guide)

Stop Button

  • Stop playback (if watching a recording)
  • Stop recording (if recording a program)

Record Button

  • Record programming

Play Button

  • Start playback (if on My Recordings)
  • Resume playback (if paused)

Number Pad

  • Input alphanumeric values
  • Access System Wizard (if "0" is held for 3 seconds)

*/Format Button

  • Cycle through available formats

# Button

  • Display Search menu
  • Accesses help overlays

Swap Button

  • Swap Picture in Picture (P.i.P.) tuners (if P.i.P. is on screen)
  • Watch alternate tuner (if P.i.P. is not on screen)

PIP Button

  • Display Picture in Picture (P.i.P.) (if pressed one time)
  • Display larger Picture in Picture (if pressed two times)
  • Display side-by-side Picture in Picture (if pressed three times)
  • Close Picture in Picture (if pressed four times)

Position Button

  • Cycle Picture in Picture (P.i.P.) screen position to 1st position (if pressed one time)
  • Cycle Picture in Picture screen position to 2nd position (if pressed two times)
  • Cycle Picture in Picture screen position to Nth position (if pressed N times, up to 9)
  • Display side-by-side Picture in Picture (if not on screen)

Dish Button

  • Display DishHOME menu

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