DISH Voice Remote with the Google Assistant

In addition to all the great DISH features you know and love, you can now do even more with the Google Assistant.

These DISH Voice Remotes are compatible with the Google Assistant.

Voice remote with flat touchpad, and two voice remotes with diamond-shaped arrow pad

Voice Commands

Use your voice to change channels, search for actors and shows, and open apps. And that's only the beginning.

An internet-connected Hopper-family receiver is required for voice command functionality. See how to connect your receiver to the internet.


"Find action movies"
"Denver Broncos"
"Fixer Upper"
"Go to Netflix"

Changing the Channel

"Go to channel 140"
"Tune to Showtime"
"Go to HGTV"
"On Demand"

DISH and the Google Assistant

Now with the power of the Google Assistant, you can do more...

What's the weather today?
What are nearby pizzerias?
Play yoga videos on YouTube
Set the thermostat to 72 degrees *
What's the score of the baseball game?
Dim the living room lights *
* Command requires sign-in with a Google account.

Gain access to advanced commands

Add items to your shopping list, control Smart Home devices, and much more! Just download the Google Assistant App on your mobile device and connect your Google account to the receiver.

Need help setting up? To continue using voice search, press the microphone button, follow the on-screen prompts to accept the Google Terms & Conditions, and you're all set!

Learn more
DISH Hopper showing screen to accept Google Assistant terms of use

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Voice Remote Features

Backlit keys on the voice remote glowing white

Backlit Keys

Your keypad illuminates automatically, whenever you pick up your remote or are in a dark setting.

Speech bubble coming from behind pillow on couch - I've been in here for days!

Remote Locator

Simply push a button on your DVR and your remote will beep and blink to help you find it.

Two diamond buttons at the bottom of the voice remote


Program hotkeys to launch Netflix, record shows, turn on closed captioning, and more.

But don't take our word for it…

Controlling your TV just got easier.

Connecting your receiver to the internet gives you access to lots of added features, like Voice Commands and On Demand Content. See how to get connected:

  1. Go to Settings in the Menu
  2. Select Internet
  3. Connect to your wi-fi

See the full guide to getting connected

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Integrate your existing Google Home or Amazon Alexa with your receiver

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Google and the Google Assistant are trademarks of Google LLC.
Subscriptions for services may be required. Smart home commands require compatible devices.

Ken Jeong, sitting down to remove a giant mask: I don’t know how they do it. It’s so hot in this thing!

(Into his Voice Remote): Set the thermostat to 60 degrees. (Nest thermostat updates to 60 degrees.)

I can control my smart home devices using the DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant.

(Into his Voice Remote): Watch The Masked Singer.

Ken on TV: I know exactly who this is…

Ken on his couch: Yeah you do!

Announcer: With the DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant, see what everyone’s talking about and watch The Masked Singer, Wednesdays on FOX.

Jonathan: "Build this shelf. Build... shelf."

Drew: "Make me a latte. Latte!"

Jonathan: "Too bad everything's not as easy as the DISH Voice Remote."

Drew: "What’s the weather? Oh well, tune to HGTV..."

Jonathan: "and show me Property Brothers."

Announcer: "Just say it and it's on, with the Voice Remote from DISH – now with Google Assistant."

Drew: "Everything should be this easy."

Announcer: "Watch Property Brothers. Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV."

Customer 1: My favorite feature of the voice remote is that I don't have to remember any numbers so it is nice to be able to just pull up a channel or show I want to watch without having to think about numbers. "Watch ESPN 30 for 30."

Customer 2: Probably the most used feature in our house is pulling up On Demand content. Looking for movies that we want to see, or TV shows that we might have missed.

Customer 3: Unfortunately I probably watch more TV with it because I can find more things that I want to watch without having to scroll through the guide endlessly.

Customer 2: When we first started using the voice remote, it did show up that I had to accept the Google Terms and Conditions. It made it very easy for me to go in and read through them. I actually went to the DISH website on MyDISH as well, and looked at what they were just to understand why the change why am I accepting something different, but it was just an easy click of a button.

Customer 3: I am comfortable using the Google services through my remote because I know that to activate it I have to press a button. I am not fearful that they are listening to me all the time, and I am a Google services user anyways; my calendar, my email, all of those products that I use all day so I trust Google with my information so I am not really overly concerned that they know that I like to order pizza at 8 o’clock.

Customer 1: One of the most helpful features with the Google Assistant is being able to check the weather. I oftentimes will check the weather in the morning while we are getting ready for school to make sure we are dressed appropriately. "What's the weather today?"

Customer 3: With the Google Assistant in the remote it allows me on the TV in the living room to call up the weather, call up my calendar, control my lights, the thermostat. Do a lot more things that I would normally either have to get off the couch or grab my phone and do, now I can just do in my lovely reclining position as I am watching something on TV.

Customer 1: My four year old loves Paw Patrol, loves PJ Masks, and so a lot of times when it’s just the two of us at home and I need to turn something on for her I will just use the voice remote and say "turn on PJ Masks", and she'll see it come up in the bottom and she thinks that I have super powers, so, makes me feel like a cool mom.


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