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DISH Experience

We listen in an industry that doesn’t.
At DISH, we work tirelessly to identify your needs and provide you with the best home entertainment.

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DISH History

We’ve heard you since the beginning.
See how DISH has over 30 years’ experience driving innovation for the people we care about the most – our customers.

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DISH Choice

We make TV better for you.
Only DISH gives you the freedom to build the perfect TV package, watch your local channels for free, and so much more.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Mom: I can’t find the spoons.

Dad: We don’t know where anything is!

Daughter: Yeah we do. DISH will be here in 3…2…1.

Narrator: DISH Moving Heroes!

Jonathan: Leave that to THIS guy. DISH moves your service free and easy.

Drew: Meanwhile, let’s get your stuff organized.

Mom: My hero!

Drew: No big deal.

Jonathan: We get that.

Mom: I was talking about him.

Drew: Henry!

Narrator: All new Property Brothers, Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV.

Mover: I am so sorry.

Wife: Babe, they’re destroying our new house!

Husband: What was that hun?

Narrator: DISH Moving Heroes!

Drew: Sir, put down that hammer.

Jonathan: With the Move In Deal, DISH will move your service- free and easy!

Drew: And, their pros can install your flat screen TV.

Jonathan: While we help you with this mess.

Drew: And pretty much save the day.

Husband: Great. Now I can knock down that retaining wall.

Jonathan: We’ll help you with that.

Narrator: All new Property Brothers: Buying and Selling. Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV.

Guy 1: We’ll definitely be the first tailgaters.

Guy 2: Uh… I don’t think so.

Guy 1: Hey… ESPN’s Chris Fowler!

Chris Fowler: You guys want to watch football? Thanks to DISH, I get the best tailgating experience possible.

Guy 1: You got the game on?

Chris Fowler: Yep. When I’m not calling games I’m watching them live on DISH. I can keep up with all my college and pro football no matter where I take this baby. DISH Tailgater is my best friend whenever I’m camping, fishing, or at the cabin.

Guy 2: Your best friend is way cooler than my best friend.

Guy 1: Dude!

Narrator: Catch college football and pro football action on ESPN. And take your TV outdoors with DISH.

Man 1: I… I need… I need…

Woman: Quick, get him some water!

Man 1: No. No. No. I… I need…

Man 2: What do you need? Just tell us. We’ll do whatever we can!

Man 1: I need sharks!

Woman: Oh… Well why didn’t you say so?

Man 2: Yeah dude. That’s an easy one, all you have to do is ask for it with you DISH voice remote.

Woman: Discovery Channel.

Man 2: Yeah, or it’s as simple as saying, Shark Week.

Woman: Now if only you could order us some nachos.

Narrator: Shark Week starts Sunday, July 22nd at 8. On Discovery.

Josh Gates: Well, it’s not letting up.

Producer: Yeah, we can’t trek to the lost city in this rain, Josh.

Josh Gates: Don’t get your poncho in a twist. We’ve got a signal and we’ve got DISH. With DISH Anywhere, included in your DISH service, you can watch your favorite shows On Demand wherever you are.

Producer: Well don’t leave me hanging. I’m coming over to watch.

Josh Gates: Ah, ok. Did you bring the snacks?

Narrator: Legendary Locations with Josh Gates.

Jonathan: Channel 112 or is it 2… 12?

Drew: It’s here!

Jonathan: Is that the…?

Drew: The new voice remote from DISH. You can find shows, channels and movies with simple voice commands. HGTV.

Both: Hah!

Drew: This has made my voice more powerful than ever!

Jonathan: Let me try. Property Brothers. Nice!

Drew: Here actually, I have another one. Favorite brother. Drew!

Jonathan: Jonathan Scott!

Drew: Nobody cares.

Jonathan: Everybody likes Jonathan Scott.

Drew: Nobody likes Jonathan. Hey, it lights up!

Jonathan: We’re going to need the light to fix that.

Narrator: Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV.


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